Fun Facts about Mount Thomas

Elevations:                                                                    Base is 8,600 feet, and Peak is 9,325 feet above mean sea level

Mosquitoes:                                                                 NONE

Snakes:                                                                            NONE

Hummingbirds:                                                          INNUMERABLE

Visible Stars:                                                               COUNTLESS

Fuel Storage Capacity:                                         18,000 gallons

Potable Water Storage Capacity:                 19,300 gallons

“Dogholes”:                                                                  there are a number of “dogholes” -- not dug by canines, but  by human miners, 

                                                                                             searching for or following gold/silver veins in the last half of the 19th Century.

Some Impressive Headroom:                           kitchen floor to clerestory peak – 24 feet

                                                                                             master bedroom floor to copula peak – 27.3 feet

                                                                                             rotunda floor to peak – 27.7 feet

Preeminent Forestry Plan

Man & Machine Effort:                                        Estimated 30,000 hours

Surrounding Views:                                               360º

Private Roads and

Recreational Trails:                                                Approximately 7 miles

Proximity to:

          Black Hawk & Central City:                     Approximately 15 minutes

          Denver Int’l Airport (DEN):                     Approximately 75 minutes

          Rocky Mtn. Metro. Airport (BJC):      Approximately 45 minutes 

Program Development:                                      Approximately 21 years

Summit House:

          Design Ethic:                                                    Authentic Historicism

          Well Specs:                                                       740 feet deep, 20 gallons per minute

          Granite Used:                                                  Estimated 250 tons

          Oldest Repurposed Wood:                     Estimated 200 years +

          2X6 Reclaimed

          T&G Wood Siding:                                        19,000 linear feet

          Capturing the View and

          Bringing Outside In:                                    French doors - 27 pairs

          Unique Seasonal Feature:                       Automated hydronic heated circular driveway

Project Overseer’s Estimated Cost

of Development in Present Dollars:           $10,375,000

Acres of Groomed Forest:                                Estimated 278 +

Total Surface Acreage:                                        Estimated 300 +

Caretaker Cottage Garage Height:             12.5 feet

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