Mount Thomas Forestry Plan


In the early 1980s the objectives for the predominantly forested 300 acres on Mt. Thomas were very modest. The property had never been “logged out” and much of the forest was impenetrable. By 1995, the owners had committed themselves to creating a model rehabilitation program, which has made Mt. Thomas the “finest” participant in the Colorado State Forest Service Forest Management Program. 

For nearly 25 years forested acres have been managed so as to:

        · Eliminate downed, standing dead or diseased trees.

        · Minimize fire danger.

        · Reduce overcrowding, thereby improving the health and biodiversity.

It has become a wildlife sanctuary for a wide array of animals – elk and deer herds, moose, bear, bobcats, lynx, fox, coyotes, mountain lions, rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks and a rich mix of birds - Steller’s Jays, chickadees, nutcracker, turkey, hawks and eagles, owls, and a large colony of hummingbirds.

A carefully designed and built pathway system was created to facilitate the forestry program and seamlessly evolved into an ideal network of recreational trails to accommodate horses, carriage/sleigh, cross country skiing, snowmobiles, hiking, toboggans, cars, ATVs, and mountain bikes.  

When traveling throughout the grounds it is easy to see the results of more than 30,000 man and equipment hours of work that have transformed the property. Participation in the Forestry Management and the Colorado Tree Farm Programs offers a significantly lower property tax rate, which allows the ongoing annual maintenance work to be completed at a little to no net cost, because of the substantial investment previously made.